Widget Marketing for Blogger Promotion

November 9th, 2011 by | Print

Sometimes, you want to form a relationship with a blog whose subject matter relates to a product, service, or site you would like to promote. But simply asking them to promote you will often not really get you anywhere. People are nice, but really, what do they have to gain?

In exchange, it’s not uncommon to have to pay an advertising fee. This can be very expensive, especially considering that often advertising rates are on an on-going basis, so as you promote more and more, your costs accumulate.

The alternative is to provide something for them, something of value for their site, and in turn, their users. This is where branded widgets come in. Once you have an idea for a widget that can offer value to the kind of websites you’re hoping to get help from, offer them the widget to use on their site, and make sure it’s customizable so they are all the more likely to be interested. In many cases, they will take it on as a service to their users, and you won’t have to pay an advertising fee. Widgets are typically found in blog sidebars.

Yes, there’s the cost of developing the widget itself, but it’s a fixed rate cost that’s over when it’s over, without the accumulating costs of directly advertising. The more sites willing to add your widget, to less you are paying per implementation.

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